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Antivirus Removal Tool 2020.09 (v.1)

By: Antivirus Removal Too (Freeware)

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Antivirus Removal Tool gives a versatile choice to identifying then uninstalling numerous bits of antivirus programming from your machine.

Antivirus Removal Tool is from the equivalent dev that offers Windows Repair Toolbox. It is fit for recognizing current and past establishments and will give you the authority particular uninstallers. These official uninstallers are intended to totally erase all documents, drivers, administrations, and library records deserted by the antivirus program.

This instrument is a good thought, pooling numerous uninstallers into one focal area – from Avast to ZoneAlarm and most everything in the middle. The interface is cleaned up with capacities/choices unmistakably set apart for convenience. At the top, you will get a summary of all the introduced antivirus programming, so regardless of whether you overlooked one Antivirus Removal Tool will find it for you.

Antivirus Removal Tool is separated into four areas, which are Identify the at present introduced antivirus programs, Search for extras of past establishments of antivirus programs, Uninstall utilizing Windows worked in usefulness, lastly run the particular uninstaller gave by the producer.

Antivirus Removal Tool can be valuable in the accompanying situations:

  • You need to introduce another antivirus while staying away from potential clashes; you need to eliminate as completely as conceivable the one that is at present introduced, just as the extras of any others that had been introduced before.
  • The normal uninstall fizzled, and you are left with a wrecked framework.
  • The normal uninstall finished, however you are presently having issues identified with the antivirus you have quite recently taken out.
  • Your PC is having issues since it has at least two antivirus programs introduced and dynamic, and you can’t eliminate them by and large.
Antivirus Removal Tool
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Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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