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By: SmartFix (Freeware)

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SmartFix is a freeware application that naturally fixes the most widely recognized issues and even fixes your PC of obscure malware and infections that weren’t recently found or identified.

On startup, you are given the decision of coordinating into System Recovery (F8), play out a full recuperation of system settings and restart just as connections to coordinate download AutoRuns, AdwCleaner, and CureIt if necessary. A couple of other instrument connections could be valuable here. Be that as it may, most specialists would as of now have these devices.

While SmartFix is compact, there isn’t any approach to return your settings, in particular, to expel System Recovery joining should you adjust your perspective. The connection added to the Start Menu would need to be physically erased on the grounds that it’s simply an alternate route to the versatile application.

Playing out a full recuperation of system settings gives you no alternatives. It essentially runs rapidly and restarts, with the goal that’s an act of pure trust, not comprehending what it does. In our tests, we had no issues with it.

SmartFix is a specialty instrument for those attempting to expel the most difficult malware and reestablish lost system settings. It can utilize a couple of changes still, yet it’s looking great so far.

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Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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