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By: Greatis Software (Freeware)

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UnHackMe permits you to identify and expel another age of Trojan projects – imperceptible Trojans and will be a valuable security utility for your working framework.

The interloper introduces a rootkit on a PC utilizing a client activity or by abusing a known helplessness or splitting a secret word. The rootkit introduces an indirect access giving the programmer full control of the machine. A rootkit is an assortment of projects that a programmer uses to cover interruption and get chairman level access to a PC or PC organize. It shrouds their documents, library keys, and procedure names, and system associations from your eyes.

Your antivirus couldn’t identify such projects since they use pressure and encryption of its documents.

The example programming is Hacker Defender rootkit. You have to utilize UnHackMe to distinguish and evacuate Hacker Defender or its clone.


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