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By: X-Sec (Freeware)

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X-Sec Antivirus was worked to be a light-weight, simple to utilize infection scanner that is completely perfect with different antivirus programming.

By and large the interface is intended to be straightforward, as guaranteed, yet there’s a blemish or two in the structure, which we will specify as we go. You will discover tabs to one side including Overview, Scan, Protection, Settings, Toolbox, and About. The correct you have the data for every tab. A little route can likewise be found with License subtleties (potentially shareware not far off?), Update, and Submit.

One grumbling out of the door is that the document is pressed in 7z position. While a considerable lot of you can open 7z, everybody can open a ZIP or executable. At 8MB, there’s simply no requirement for a less traditional pressure position.

X-Sec antivirus is versatile and even incorporates an independent updater and an order line variant.

To filter, you need to go to Scan, which opens the Scan Task Manager. You at that point need to tap on Add Scan Task, which is as excess as it comes. Since your choices are Quick Scan, Full Scan, Custom Scan, and Back, there’s no point in the Add Scan Task choice. Simply put everything up front on the Scan tab.

Sweeps on a quick PC extended from two minutes for a fast output to twenty minutes or so for a full sweep including two drives at 1.5 Terabytes joined.

On the snappy sweep, X-Sec hailed iKernel.exe under InstallShield, which is faulty. It unquestionably isn’t a Heur:Trojan.Downloader.Gen.6. While you can reorder from anyplace, there’s no query choice. We left that tab and needed to discover it again under Toolbox, Log. Talking about which, you can add anything to the Trust List structure that area.

It likewise found a ton all the more bogus positives that again verged on crazy. It hailed records in Steam and Thunderbird just as an outdated application we utilize that we know is spotless. As referenced before, you can add them to the confided in list, yet you better realize what you’re doing in the event that you evacuate anything.

X-Sec Antivirus is intended to be an extra scanner when you have to discover something your antivirus missed. In any case, in its present structure, it’s for cutting edge clients who should have the option to perceive a bogus positive. In its present structure, it is anything but an independent antivirus, however we’d prefer to see that not far off.

X-Sec Antivirus
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