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Blizzard Battle.Net

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment (Freeware)

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Download, patch and start all Blizzard games from one single programme in Blizzard Desctop software. The Blizzard Shop and News for all games of the software can also be reached. Battle net Desktop application is a platform developed by Blizzard Entertainment focused on Internet gaming, social networking, content distribution and intellectual rights management. The web software replaces previous game boot lines with the Blizzard Battlenet. The software also acts as an entrance to potential Blizzard games.

The largest developer and publisher of entertainment applications is Blizzard Entertainment®. The business soon became one of the most successful and regarded producers of video games after the establishment of the Blizzard Entertainment mark in 1994. Blizzard Entertainment has maintained a unique reputation for quality since its inception by concentrating on producing well-designed, highly entertaining entertainment experiences.

As long as the app is running, updates in the background are downloaded and installed. The software only patches one game and you can stop or begin to patch in the app manually. Auto-patching can also be disabled in the Options menu of the app. Only on one device at a time can you access to the programme.


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Full Specifications of Blizzard Battle.Net

Blizzard Battle.Net
File Name:
File Size:
4.72 MB
Operating System:
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
Date Modified:
02, March 2021

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