Boost Your IT Career by Taking Microsoft MS-300 Exam with Exam Dumps

Posted on January 30, 2020 by PrepAway Reseller

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Well, to begin the story, as a teamwork administrator for Microsoft 365 you should have skills for managing and deploying Azure tasks to enhance workflow efficiency, and also for collaborating with your team to implement important decisions. That’s why to such ambitious specialists like you the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate certification is offered. To gain it, you must pass two tests such as Microsoft MS-300 and Microsoft MS-301. The first exam gives you a chance to get the required skills and a certificate to prove the outlined abilities here .

For candidates to know more about these assessments, they will need extensive and also specified skills and knowledge that will help you pass the tests. In this post, you will study the essential details about the Microsoft MS-300 exam and get valuable tips to prepare for it.

MS-300 Exam Details

First of all, the Microsoft MS-300 test should be completed within 150 minutes with the questions set in various possible formats such as multiple-choice, build list, review screen, active screen, short answer, drag and drop, best answer among many. The passing mark for the Microsoft MS-300 exam is 700 out of 1000 points.

Remember that you’ll need to pay $165 to sit for this exam, and also that its content was updated on November 21, 2019, so pay attention to download the list of skills changed.

To pass the test, applicants will need to understand various concepts. They include:

  • Configuring and Managing SharePoint online
  • Configuring and Managing OneDrive for Enterprise
  • Configuring and Managing Teams
  • Configuring and Managing Work Integrations

How to Pass Microsoft MS-300 Exam with Vendor?

Primarily, visiting the Microsoft learning portal assumes the need to add to your MS-300 exam preparation plan different enriching modules on the subject, like Manage Your SharePoint Sites or Collaborate with Files and Folders in SharePoint. Furthermore, it will be good if applicants proceed their preparation with the official exam site that currently proposes them various expert-led paid courses for this MS-300 test. The courses include:

  • Managing Office 365 Content Services
  • Managing SharePoint Online
  • Enabling Microsoft Teams for Collaboration
  • Enabling Office 365 Workloads for Collaboration

Then, if you intend to take these training courses, you’ll also need to have prior knowledge in Azure AD and Windows PowerShell. Basic skills in how to manage mobile gadgets and other operating systems are also essential.

Passing Your MS-300 Exam with Exam-Labs

Moving closer to the topic, the Exam-Labs website is one of the best preparation resources you should have when preparing to the Microsoft MS-300 exam. You’ll come across other useful resources to assist you in strengthening the aspects learned for the test. Particularly this site offers video tutorials such as MS-300: Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork which features training sessions carried out by qualified tutors. Taking the video course can give you in-depth skills for the exam that you might not get from books or other materials.

Moreover, the website offers the Premium Bundle for the MS-300 test that features 117 questions and answers compiled for your practice, together with 53 qualitative lectures. The questions in this file are updated to allow you having a clear picture of the real exam.

Furthermore, these questions come with answers to let you gauge the quality of your preparation as you handle the exam. Remember that practicing with previous exams helps you get well-prepared, so use effectively free exam dumps that let you tackle all the exam topics and know what questions you will encounter.

Career Opportunities

So, you can apply for various job positions once you pass the two exams and get the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate credential. These job roles include:

  1. Storage Administrator
    Here, the work of a storage administrator is managing disk and tape systems in a business. Also, their key role comprises the development of a storage management system and offering for routine backups. So, the average salary for IT Storage Administrator is $84,031 annually.
  2. Team Administrator
    The work of this professional entails word processing, responding to any email inquiry, and creating correspondence. They are also tasked with answering phone calls, file keeping, and organizing meetings and appointments. According to the PayScale salary survey website, the median salary for team administrators is $48,841 per year.
  3. Active Directory Administrator
    Once you start working as an Active Directory administrator, you’ll be regarded as a vital player in the IT taskforce. Your roles will comprise the management of domains, reviewing user permission in various platforms, and deploying strategies for disaster recovery. Besides, you’ll be required to offer technical support to consumers and ensure compliance with rules. As per PayScale, the average earning for Active Directory Administrators reaches $60,500 per annum.
  4. Systems Administrator
    Taking the role of a system administrator, you’ll be accountable for daily management, configuration, and upkeeping of computer systems of a business. The assignments include the installation and management of laptop and desktop servers, IT security systems, networks, and other crucial components of a company’s IT infrastructure. With this good news, there comes more as a system administrator can earn up to $104,460 per year.
  5. Office 365 Exchange Administrator
    As an exchange admin, you will have the power to allow a user to manage content policy and mailbox. You’ll have access to a business exchange admin center and all task reports generated by Office 365 administration center. As PayScale reports, the average annual salary for Microsoft Exchange admin stands up to $77,504.

Tips for Keeping Your Certification Relevant

If you want to ensure your credential stays valid, engage in various activities to keep your skills updated. This comprises various learning opportunities, including taking part-time studies every year. If you don’t upgrade regularly your capacities as needed, you will be forced to earn another certification by taking relevant tests.


The knowledge acquired through passing this Microsoft MS-300 exam is sufficient for you to advance your career. Making this clever move will motivate you to proceed with other steps in your professional development, setting higher goals, and making your dreams come true.

Surely, it will be highly beneficial to your career growth and personal satisfaction since you will have a chance to land a well-paying job. So, make sure you use updated practice tests, video tutorials, and other reliable training materials. You’ll be rewarded with great Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate when you pass your MS-300 exam, then MS-301 test through solid exam dumps!


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