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BlueStacks App Player Download

Publisher: Bluestack Systems Inc.

BlueStacks App Player Download for your Windows 32-bit or 64-bit PC that is a complete android emulator for installing and playing android games as well as apps on your PC. From NearFile you can download this emulator for free.

By using an emulator one can use those applications or games from Google Play Store which requires a high-end phone. Among many emulators, BlueStacks is known as a user-friendly emulator for its simplicity and wide-ranged features.

BlueStacks Interface

Game Control

Bluestacks allow its user to use any kind of output device as a gaming pad, mouse, or keyboard to enjoy and achieve maximum performance. For this reason, users can feel a PC graphics environment which easy to customize as they like.

Smart Control

Smart control enables precise and accurate action which helps one to be more focused and enjoy it as one wants.


You can use different accounts at a time on a single device and also it lets use multiple applications at a time. Which saves time for smooth multi-tasking.

Eco Mode

Eco mode enables the user to enjoy high-end facilities without slowing down one’s pc.

Native GamePad Support

Because of this feature, one can customize control as he wants and it’s effortless to customize control than ever. And more than that it has a feature to recognize your previous setting once you use or open the same games or application.

Real-Time Translation

Let you translate your most hyped games or application in your native or in your preferred language in real-time.

Playing mobile games on PC using BlueStacks

Shooting Mode

Shooting mode made the game more like pc games. And easy to use with the mouse just by tapping two buttons, Aim & Shoot. You can customize in keyboard too. If your mouse doesn’t work in BlueStacks, make to use the Mouse Test Clicker to test your mouse if it working or not.

High FPS

Play the most game in pc environment by enabling high frames per second (FPS). High fps let you play games more smoothly with high graphics and better performance.

High-Definition Graphics

Bluestacks enable the most trending games to play in HD (High-Definition display resolution of 1280×720 pixels), QHD (Quad High-Definition display resolution of 2560×1440 pixels), UHD (Ultra-High-Definition display resolution of 3840×2160 pixels). Because of this feature mobile games feels like a pc game.

UTC Converter

UTC means Universal Time Coordinator, which allows you to set your local time in the device to get updated from time to time in case if you don’t want to miss anything from your referred application or game.

Utility Features

Let you customize your emulator as your preferred phone configuration. To run many hyped applications or games you need to have a flagship phone in your holding. Not many can afford to have those exclusive phones. This is where BlueStacks came in handy to configure your device as you want.

Disadvantage Of BlueStacks App Player

This software has some disadvantages too. Some of them are:

How to install BlueStack App Player On Windows PC

The process of installing this software is very simple. Just follow the steps shown below:

  1. First, you need to download the Latest Version Of BlueStacks App Player from this site. Click on the download button to start downloading. You won’t need to register and also don’t need to waste a single penny.
  2. Now run the downloaded file and follow the instruction. Wait for a moment to complete the installation process.
  3. After completing the installation, you may be able to enter Google Play Store and install your desired application. Please note that you need to log in to Google Play Store in order to install your desired app. To log in to it, you must have a Google Account.
Using Google Playstore on PC with the help of BlueStacks

User-Friendly Interface

Any user who doesn’t know much about PC or desktops, he or she also can use this software without any issue. This is also a great reason why video game lovers love this software very much.

This software is the most used software compared to other android emulators.

Best features at a glance:

FAQs About BlueStacks App Player

Is BlueStacks safe for your computer?

If you are asking about security then it is 100% safe for your PC. We haven’t got any reports about malware in BlueStacks. This software is totally free from spyware and malware.

What is BlueStacks used for?

BlueStacks is used for running android applications on Desktop PC with high-quality graphics.

Does BlueStacks cost money?

No, this application is free to use. You don’t to waste a single penny.

How can I download BlueStacks on my PC?

Just click on the download button from this page, BlueStacks will start immediately.

Will BlueStacks get you banned in Clash Of Clans?

BluesStacks is not officially recommended by SuperCell. But using it, will not get you banned from Clash Of Clans. But if you use another application which alters the game then you must get banned.


The Free BlueStacks App Player is a perfect way to begin playing your android games on your computer. This tool is easy to install, easy to use, and also compatible with a range of choices. The ultimate purpose is that the desired game must be played without any problem.

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