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Notepad++ Plugin Manager v1.4.12

By: Dave Brotherstone (Open Source)

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Notepad++ Plugin Manager helps you to install, update and remove plugins from the Notepad++ application. A centrally hosted XML file contains the plugin list, which is downloaded and processed by the plugin manager against the plugin list.

This application has some awesome key features. These are:

  • install, Update and Remove all existing plugins.
  • Notify when an installed plugin has an update available, and allow the user to update directly.
  • Calculate dependencies between plugins, any plugin can depend on another plugin, which will be installed automatically if the user installs the initial plugin.
  • Install all supplemental files as well as the plugin file itself (e.g. config, doc, extra libraries).
  • Automatic installation of the correct version (ANSI/Unicode) for your Notepad++.
  • Validation of DLLs copied, against a central list of valid files. This slightly mitigates the risk of automatically downloading updates.
  • Only plugins that are compatible with your Notepad++ are shown.
  • Plugins can be put into categories .
  • Plugin Manager is able to update itself, and will notify the user when an update is available.
  • Proxies are supported, just change the setting.
  • Updates can be ignored, and the user will not be alerted to that update again.

Please Note: for Vista / Windows 7: In order to update the plugin manager to 1.0.8 , you need to run Notepad++ as administrator, update plugin manager, then everything will run properly under a normal user. In future updates to Plugin Manager will automatically run as administrator.

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Notepad++ Plugin Manager

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August 13, 2019

Open Source

Dave Brotherstone

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