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Cacaoweb is a communication application that allows you to communicate with your friends and access your data by using messages or voice or video.

Cacaoweb for your window is free of cost. It has a bit torrent facility with web application capabilities. In addition, a cacaoweb can be an internet browser too. cacaoweb can be an alternative to browsing applications like chrome or internet explorer. You can search for anything on the internet by using Cacaoweb.

This application will save your downloaded file, while you see any Tv series or movies by using Cacaoweb you can save them and you will not go anywhere. Cacaoweb can be marked as a necessary software too. Because this application installs additional files without the permission of the user and you will never know how much background work this application is doing.

Moreover, you can not delete the application automatically and the application will start its work immediately after your window will start. because it is installed into your windows registry. This application may be easy to use but there is no file description of this software. It is licensed or not there is no clear evidence. So it is possible that it can be harmful to your windows. 

If you are looking for a free web browser for your window, then Cacaoweb can be a good option But a good option does not mean that it is a good application. Virus issues can be found in the application, which is harmful.

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