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Publisher: Callofduty

“Call of Duty 2” is one kind of battle video game. It is the sequel game of “Call of Duty“. Infinity Ward has developed this game.


The main idea of this game has taken from World War 2. There are several campaign modes in this game. There are 3 campaign modes in this game. The fighters in this game have to go through these campaigns. The campaign modes are :


Single-Player Mode

This game has a single-player mode, so if anybody wishes to play this alone then he can play this game by himself.

Multi-player mode

Along with single-player, it has also Multi-player Mode in this game. In the online Multi-player Mode, 8 players are able to play this game. In this mode, players can rely on their minions & the game becomes more enjoyable.

Visual Effects

In Call of Duty 2, the rains, fog, snow & smoke all the things have been Visualized very beautifully. The visual effect of this game looks real.

Choice Based Gameplay

If the player thinks that he would be able to play missions then he can play. It is completely the player’s wish what he likes to play. As a commander or as a snipper, he can choose it by himself.

Player health warning

There is a feature that will give you warnings about the player’s health. If any player got damaged & the condition is bad then the volume of the player’s heartbeat will be increased & you will be noticed the condition of the player.

How can I download Call of Duty 2 on my PC?

Download Call of Duty 2 for Your Windows PC

You have to follow the steps are given below:

  1. At first, you should have to press the download option on our page.
  2. Then press the “Download” option. Then the download will be begun.

Minimum System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements




How long is Call of Duty 2?

Well, this game is probably 8.5 hours long.

Is COD 2 a sequel?

Yeah, this 1st person shooter game is a sequel to the original ‘Call of Duty’.

Is COD 2 free?

Yes, you could download this game application completely free from our website.

Is COD 2 safe to play?

Yes, the is absolutely safe to play as long as the players are taking it just like a game.

Our Uses

We have played this game, so we could say that the game is really enjoyable. Those who like battles & thrillers must love this game. The absolutely great gameplay, better sound effects & excellent visual effects have made this game more interesting.

You can this play this with your friends’ group & it will give you more fun. So if you wish to have fun & experience the battlefield then you can download this game without any hassle. We can assure you that it won’t disappoint you.


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