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Publisher: Google

While you have probably heard of Chrome in your lifetime, Chromedriver is a bit unique to hear about every now and then. It is a separate executable that Selenium WebDriver uses to control Chrome, the web browser. It is a component of the Chrome browser that allows it to communicate with Selenium and run automated tests on the browser.

Test automation

To use Selenium with Chrome, you need to have ChromeDriver installed on your system and configure Selenium to use it. So, in case you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to use Selenium without it, you got your answer.


For a tool like ChromeDriver, it’s tough to summarize the features because everything is very technical. Still, here are some of the use cases and features of this app for your convenience-

Universal Web Standard Support

Because of the W3C WebDriver standard, ChromeDriver can check and test many browsers for web app support. Not only that but it also features support for Java and Python computer languages for sample testing and user inputs.

Wide Compatibility

Just like the Chrome browser, Selenium and ChromeDriver are available on multiple operating systems. Whether you use a Windows desktop or Mac, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. It even runs on Linux, Android, and iOS. So, no shortage of OS supports with this application.

Other features include-



FAQs About ChromeDriver

What is it in selenium?

In Selenium, it is a separate executable that is used to interact with the Chrome browser. Selenium WebDriver is a library that allows you to automate web browsers, and it is a specific implementation of WebDriver for Chrome.

How to install ChromeDriver?

To install it, first, locate your Chrome web browser directory path. Then, Download the ChromeDriver binary for your platform and then let WebDriver find the downloaded ChromeDriver executable.

Can we use Selenium without ChromeDriver?

No, you can’t use Selenium without ChromeDriver installed. it is a separate executable that Selenium uses to interact with the Chrome browser. Without it, Selenium would not be able to control the Chrome browser.


In conclusion, this software is an important component for automating the Chrome browser using Selenium. It is well-maintained, widely used, and compatible with the latest version of Chrome. The tool has wide support for multiple OS, and other handy features.

However, it requires a separate installation and setup and is not compatible with older versions of Chrome. If you can adjust to that, ChromeDriver is definitely a must-have!

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