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Publisher: CELSYSInc.

Clip studio paint is one kind of tool for drawing by which people can be able to draw comics & manga stories & characters. Celsys Inc is the developer of this software. With this utility, people can show their hidden artists to the world.

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Features of Clip Studio Paint

Draw Actual Sketch

With the help of this utility, people could able to draw real sketches with the mouse or they can also do their painting normally with a pen tablet.

Clip Studio Sketching

Great Colouring Features

This software has various types of colors & paint brushes so that artists could able to make the artwork more realistic & natural.

Extensive System of rulers

With the lines, artists could able to create a realistic depth. Users can complete their every composition & they won’t lose their time on the outlines. 


If people have this tool, they can work with an assortment of great art features by which users can make illustrations, comics, or manga as well.


With this tool, users can make their art animated & give them life. This program is able to make your drawings digital & you can even add dimensions.

Clip Studio Create Fanzine

Minimum System Requirements for Clip Studio Paint

Recommended System Requirements



FAQs on Clip Studio Paint

Is Clip Studio Paint free?

Those who are using this tool for the 1st time can use it free of cost for the 1st 3 months. But when the free 3 months will end a monthly usage cost will be included.

Is Clip Studio Paint good for animations?

Yes, this application is really good for animations. People can make excellent animated work with it.

What happens when clip studio paint expires?

If the users are using a 30 days trial version or buy it for a limited time then they won’t be able to use this program after the limited time finishes. If anyone wants to work with this tool permanently then he has to buy the product version of this app.

Do I need any account to use clip studio paint?

Yes, you do. If you are a license administrator or a normal user you should have an account in this app.

Can 2 people use a clip studio?

This tool has multi-device support. With this facility, up to two people can use this program easily.

Our take on it

We have used this tool & we can say this tool is really great for artwork. For making comic characters & creating manga it is one of the best tools. It has so many facilities for painting & drawing. So download this app without any worry.

Should I download it?

If you like drawing & painting and you want to create comics then you should download this tool on your device. It will help you to do artistic work perfectly. After downloading you won’t regret it.


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