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DC Universe

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment


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DC Universe

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Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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In short, the DC Universe is truly an action game for DC comics admirers indeed. Penned by DC comics writers, this game of superheroes and villains intensely quenches the thirst of game enthusiasts. 

Is there any shortcoming in the DC Universe game? 

Absolutely not. Massive Multiplayer Online action, chance to explore and investigate DC Universe, collaboration with and against legendary DC characters, super fast and mind-blowing brawls, unique game settings, and what not! 

One of the noteworthy characteristics of this game is, it offers plenty of character customization options. Costume, as well as movement customization, add another level of adventure. 

Be it a hero or villain, the game lets the user choose accessories, costumes, and skin types of the characters. Also, how they will fight and move can be perfectly customized. 

Though the DC Universe is an extraordinary game, it disappoints its players. It lags unexpectedly and regularly. The game won’t halt completely, yet the sudden lag halts the quick navigation between menus. Again, repetitive content may cause boredom.  

This MMORPG app is compatible and freely installable in all Windows versions. Other than Windows PCs and tablets, DC Universe is playable on Xbox 360 versions and PlayStation 4. 

Also, users can play it online and offline. However, the free version contains restrictions like limited in-game cash, unavailability of inventory space, etc. Yet its awesomeness cannot be ignored.

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