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Desktop Calendar

By: DesktopCal, Inc. (Freeware)

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A Free Calendar For Your Desktop Computer

This Desktop Calendar has a full screen view and is loaded with the features of the organizer. It’s a free application that serves as a decent alternative to the software already installed on your computer. The software also has several features that you prefer to find in paid packages, so consider this calendar before you buy one.

It Beats Most Paid Calendar Programs Out Of Sight

The Desktop Calendar gui is clean, but this is partly due to its less-than-ample features. It does have everything you would expect, such as an organizing area, a straightforward view of the days and months and the ability to add stuff to your calendar, but it could use a few advanced features such as a better notification system and the ability to color code or group your tasks. It’s filled with organizer features, but one thinks like it could also use a few more sorting and categorizing tools.

Conclusion – Close To Perfection

The Desktop Calendar is a great calendar that doubles as an organizer. It has more functionality than one would expect from a calendar application, but it might replace paid calendar apps if it only did a little more. Nonetheless, the software is safe and non-intrusive, so that one feels compelled to give up his thumbs. Does that? Does it lag? Don’t you stutter and it does? Don’t slow down your machine.

Desktop Calendar
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