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Diner Dash 2 Download

Publisher: PlayFirst, Inc.

Diner Dash 2 is one of the most popular strategy games available on the internet. Free from violence and complexity, the game is full of exciting works related to the restaurant business and cuisine in the states. As a strategy game, this is perfect for children as well as adults.

Diner Dash 2 Gameplay

You just need to manage a lot of customers with a lot of food and manage your time perfectly so that customers do not go unhappy. But with time, the restaurant gets bigger and the challenges become harder. If you can manage the challenges, then you are the gainer – this is actually the main theme of the famous game.

Development and Publishing

Diner Dash 2 has been first published by the famous PlayFirst company. Developed by Gamelab, it is now owned by Glu Mobile. Right now you can play it with PC or Mobile. It has already been released for Xbox and PlayStation.

Story Mode


In Dinertown, there is a lady called Flo who is unhappy with her life. For a change, she leaves her job at the stock market and looks for entering into a new endeavor. Finding an old shady diner, she buys it to re-establish it with her plans.

Flo gathers money to renovate and give the place a new look. Besides, with a growing business, she opens a new restaurant and later helps others to fulfill their dreams.


Diner Dash 2 is all about managing time to keep the customers happy. Happiness and eagerness are counted by byhearts. If the foods are okay and customers are happy, then they have kept their hearts. But if not, the hearts are lost and points are lost. Each customer is different. So their tips are also different.

If you can earn enough points, then you can move to the next level. Eventually, you will move to new restaurants after buying them.

How to Play Diner Dash 2


Doing Things in A Row

Diner Dash 2 teaches that it is better to do things in a row in a restaurant. If you can do the same thing in a row then you can make a series. Like taking all the orders and places from all the tables or delivering at all the tables in a row. The bigger the chain, the bigger the points.

Placing the Customers

You need to do things in a row. But you cannot make the customers wait. If they wait longer, the series of hearts they possess start to get lower and they start to become angry. To avoid that, you should manage your time perfectly.

Wash Dishes Correctly

You cannot leave your dishes unwashed. You need to maintain the chain of dishwashing while placing new customers correctly. Otherwise, they can get angry.

Enjoying Diner Dash 2

Minimum Requirements for Diner Dash 2



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Diner Dash still exist?

Diner Dash is now owned by Glu Mobile and you can find the latest version on PlayStore. You can also find Diner Dash for PC and its later versions on the internet. Download it from a good verified source and install it on your PC to play. 

Can you play Diner Dash on Windows 10?

Yes, you can play Diner Dash 2 on Windows 10. As well as play the latest Diner Dash Adventure on Windows 10. You need to get the setup file from a trusted source to install and run this game.

Can you play Diner DASH Adventures on PC?

Yes, certainly you can play Diner DASH Adventures on PC. You need to download the 123 MB file for the setup of this game. The latest version is 1.29.4. And the game is free to play.

How do you get gems in Diner Dash?

Read stories and chapters to easily gain gems in Diner Dash. If you read the stories and chapters then they easily give you gems. Otherwise, you may get to use cheats from time to time.

Our uses

Diner Dash is one of the most popular strategy games. The game is free from any kind of violence and teaches you about the restaurant business and time management quite well.

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