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Downloading something over the internet is often a tiring and tricky process. DownThemAll, a Firefox extension for downloading, reduces long hours of patience, removes click baits and malware, and makes downloading easy and enjoyable. 

It lets you download various files from a website in a short time. Just select the destination folder for your files and copy the URL from where you are intending to download, all set. 

This extension will show the contents available from your preferred website on the dashboard. Either you can download them all or select them as you wish. A single click is only necessary to start downloading. 

Most importantly, DownThemAll downloads content approximately 400% faster than other contemporary browsers. This speed can be accelerated if you set your personal inclusive filters. 

Before you click to download, select a preferred filter, and the files matched with the filter will be automatically downloaded. 

Also, you can create subfolders within the download folder. 

While downloading, you can pause, resume, retry, and even rename your downloads, anytime. You can configure the download manager as a popup window instead of an individual tab. If you have issues with notification sounds, you can customize them from the tool settings. 

DownThemAll can close the source tab after the downloading starts. Also, the extension itself can be closed automatically once the job is done. All can be done if you customize the settings. 

Available in different languages, DownThemAll works in Windows for free. Though this extension makes your downloading hassle-free, its interface may seem cluttered to you. Moreover, this freeware only comes with Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, you must have this browser on your PC.

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