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Fotosizer is a freeware bunch picture resizer apparatus. It can resize your photographs in only three simple advances.

The capacity to share a wide range of photographs on the Internet has become increasingly mainstream. Photographs, spoken to as JPEG documents from computerized cameras, taken at high goals are very huge to send over the Internet, with some photographs winding up at five megabytes. Transferring one photograph to a photograph sharing site is fine, however when you have 10, 20, or much more, it can take perpetually, particularly on a dial-up association.

Fotosizer will help reduce the dissatisfaction and time squandered on photograph sharing by permitting you to rapidly resize them into more reasonable and hence more promptly shareable sizes.

Fotosizer Features:

Group resizingChoose to resize by level of width and tallness

  • Decide to set custom width and tallness
  • Keep up perspective proportion
  • Pick where the resized pictures will be spared
  • Change picture quality
  • Parameterised yield filenames: Choose the organization of the yield filenames utilizing boundaries, for example, new picture width/tallness, current date, number of picture in the rundown being resized.
  • “Auto-spare” of settings on exit
  • Resize picture and scene photographs simultaneously.
  • Resize rapidly and effectively utilizing a preset rundown of sizes including iPod, iPhone, and Sony PSP screen sizes.
  • Change Print DPI settings.

Duplicate Photo metadata in the wake of resizing

Duplicate EXIF data (JPEG), duplicates data put away with the photograph to the resized photograph, for example,

  • Camera Model
  • Screen Speed
  • Date Picture Taken
  • Gear Make
  • and so on…

Duplicate XMP data (JPEG), duplicates expanded data store with the photograph to the resized photograph, for example,

  • Copyright
  • Rating
  • and so on…

Group pivot

  • Flip picture vertically
  • Flip picture on a level plane
  • Pivot 90 degrees Counter Clockwise
  • Pivot 90 degrees Clockwise

Applying Photo Effects

  • Decide to change over pictures to “Sepia” notwithstanding the resize
  • Decide to change over pictures to “Dark and White” notwithstanding the resize
  • Decide to change over pictures to “Negative” notwithstanding the resize

Picture choice

  • Include single picture or choice of pictures
  • Include pictures from an organizer
  • Incorporate sub organizers while including from an envelope
  • Shows thumbnail see rundown of pictures due to be resized
  • Shows subtleties, for example, filename, unique document size, record kind of pictures due to be resized
  • Simplified records or organizers from Windows Explorer straight into Fotosizer

Upheld Image Formats

  • Labeled Image File Format (*.tif, *.tiff)
  • JPEG pictures (*.jpg, *.jpeg)
  • Convenient Network Graphics (*.png)
  • Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)
  • Genuine Vision Targa (*.tga)
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