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Prevent Disk Sleep 3.1

By: VOVSOFT (Freeware)

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Forestall Disk Sleep is a free application intended to obstruct your USB, essential, optional hard plate drive from going into rest mode.

Your machine’s hard plates go into rest mode during times of inertia to take into account framework life-expanding activities, for example, circle cooling. Forestall Disk Sleep goes around rest mode empowering fast circle reaction to any record tasks even in case of an all-encompassing time of inactive time. This procedure of keeping your HDD alert should be possible physically, yet VOVSOFT Prevent Disk Sleep makes it basic by permitting you to make a calendar in a plain book archive for the (inward or outside) plate based on your personal preference.

Forestall Disk Sleep arrives in a basic UI that allows a fast arrangement and sending. Simply pick the circle you need to keep from dozing starting from the drop menu, select the plate compose span, reassign the content document name for brisk reference and afterward click Start. That is it, so on the off chance that you are searching for a less included approach to keep your plate from rest mode instead of physically changing your machine’s settings out of the blue, this will work.

Prevent Disk Sleep
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