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USB Lockit 2.5

By: Nicola Bezze (Freeware)

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USB Lockit is a compact USB apparatus that will enable secret key to ensure a USB drive protecting it from unapproved access.

With USB Lockit, all your photographs, sound, recordings, and different documents put away on a FAT32 designed USB and outer hard drives can be effectively shielded from prying eyes. When you lock the drive, unapproved access is forestalled. At the point when the USB drive is bolted, your documents stay safe in every single Operating System.

On certain Windows 10 renditions (not on the one we tried with on VMWare) there is some lethargy. To cure this, run the similarity troubleshooter, at that point test and spare the new settings which ought to amend the issue.

USB Lockit works in three simple advances:

  • To bolt the USB drive and secures every one of your records, just set a PIN and snap on the Lock button.
  • To open the USB drive and admittance to every one of your records, enter your PIN and snap on the Unlock button.
  • To relock the USB drive without entering the PIN unfailingly, only a tick on the Lock button.

USB Lockit Features:

Quick Locking – Drive securing few moments through a basic however amazing UI.

Cross-Platform – When the drive is bolted, your documents stay safe in every working framework.

Standard Device – Works with all USB streak drives and outer hard drives designed in FAT32.

Completely Portable – Designed for Android and Windows for access without root or administrator rights.

USB Lockit
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Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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