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Family Feud Game Download

Publisher: Iwin

Family Feud Game PC is a popular game series among people. There was a game show named ‘Family Feud’ and later based on this show Family Feud Game PC has been launched. People love this show because of its fun and Entertainment. The Family Feud Game is popular with the whole world for its thrilling questions and it’s really fun to answer those.


To play this game, you’ll be given some questions. Every single question will have options and you have to select the answer which has been selected the most by the people. If you can select the top answer then you will get the most points in the game. There are three rounds for this game. You’ll need to select the top answer in the given time.

The player who will gain the highest point in 1st 3 rounds will be the winner and will get into the ‘Fast Money Round’.The most exciting part of the Family Feud Game is the “Fast Money” round. In this round, there will be five questions with just one chance to select. Every single question will be from a different topic. If you can gain more than 100 points in this round then you’ll be given 500 for a bonus!

There are also some features and modes of this game. Here are these:

Classic ModeIn

In this mode, there are 3 difficult levels where you can play with more than 5 players against them.

Party Battle Mode

In this mode, you can play like group vs group. 

Couch vs Couch mode

In this mode, worldwide wide online different players can feud with each other and play this game.

Character Customization 

You can select a character of your own choice. You can also unlock new items by gaining points as well as customize them as you wish.

There are some versions of this game. These are


Requirements for Family Feud Game

There are no such requirements for this family feud game. You just need a stable internet connection on your PC and enough space on the Hard Disc.

Base game –

FAQ’s on Family Feud Game

Can we play the Family Feud Game offline?

Yes, the Family Feud Game can be played both online u0026amp; offline. You can also play it alone as well as with a group as you wish to play.

Do we need a Nintendo Account to play this game?

Yes! It’s necessary to have a Nintendo account to play this game and I think It’s totally absurd.

Does this game work on windows 7 and windows 10?

Yes! This game works on both windows 7 and windows 10.

Is Family Feud Game family-friendly?

Yes, you can play this game with your family also. There is nothing objectionable in this game. All the contents of this game are family-friendly.

Our Usage

As I played this game I can say it is interesting, entertaining, and enjoyable. Though there are some glitches that I didn’t like. I had to insert the disc every time I wish to play. 

Otherwise, it was a quite fun experience to play this game and their questions were really interesting & full of humor. And this game has nice graphics. So for me, the family feud game is totally great.

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