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FrostWire 6.8.5

By: FrostWire (Open Source)

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FrostWire is an open source free  BitTorrent client or formerly a Gnutella client. For its nice interface and functionality, it is popular to all.

We just remind you that it has awasome download speeds and faster torrent speeds. FrostWire’s another feature is no Spyware and no Adware system. So you don’t have to feel annoyed. It has iTunes Compatible and a friendly online chat room with a great interface.

Needless to say that, it is for all windows version. So just download and enjoy.


Technical Details

Title: FrostWire
File Name: frostwire-6.8.2.windows.exe
File Size: 27.55 MB
Date Added: June 21, 2020
License: Open Source
Author: FrostWire