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Publisher: CitizenFX Collective

 FiveM is a versatile and free GTA V emulator and modification tool for Windows computers. The software uses online private servers, streaming ability, and AI functionality to give gamers a more wholesome and enjoyable gaming experience.

This emulator or mod allows the users to log in to their official Rockstar GTA V account and enjoy exclusive modded content. The users can switch the game modes with just a few taps and clicks. Whether it’s the multiplayer or singleplayer mode, the software supports it all.

The only thing you need to do before downloading the game is to deactivate your Antivirus application. The tool does not contain any virus or malware. The application also does not require any additional information other than your Rockstar account details.

Playing GTA V multiplayer with mods

Secured Servers

Mods for GTA V

The most exciting part of this software is the ability to add some extremely fun and unique private servers to the GTA V game. This single or multiplayer mod tool can drastically change the gameplay experience with the addition of secured networks that you can customize freely. You can be as creative as possible.

Original Gameplay 

While the tool unlocks the game’s potential to be more adventurous, the experience remains intact. You will get the same experience as the vanilla GTA V with some mods, skins, new content, and many more. Be what you want to be and create the ultimate experience for yourself.

Customizations with a Click

Multiplayer mods for GTA V

Do you want to want what you are getting by installing this modification tool? Original game AI, Streaming ability, multiple game modes like deathmatch, roleplay mode, etc., auto-syncs are some of the highlighting customization options you will receive. On top of that, the basic modification functions to add new skin, mods, content is always available.

Automatic Syncs

By using the complete official servers and network code from Rockstar, FiveM ensures the most secured sync option. Your account and system preferences will be auto-updated to their server for future use. With this brilliant syncing ability, all you need to do is to play carefree.



Recommended System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements


Is FiveM free on PC?

GTA FiveM is totally open-source and free for any consumer use. This modification tool is probably the safest and most popular for its reliable and trusted resources. Sync your GTA V account with just a few steps.

Is FiveM illegal?

While many mod tools can get you in legal trouble by violating copyright laws, this tool makes sure you are clean and safe from legal issues. So, FiveM is legal and safe to play with your game account.

Can you play FiveM on Xbox?

Xbox is incompatible with any roleplay or modification tool such as FiveM. So, the users or players of any Xbox device will be unable to enjoy any private servers or additional modded features.

Can you get FiveM on a laptop?

You can surely download and install FiveM on a laptop that meets the necessary conditions of the mod tool. Check your laptop configuration and see if your laptop has every required component.

How do I download FiveM?

You can easily download FiveM from this website. Just click on the download button from this page and your download will start immediately. Then just install and enjoy.

How much GB is FiveM?

It is only 4.90MB in size. It is a very lightweight software that does not take much space on your PC.

Our Recommendation

FiveM is the perfect tool for anyone who wants unique gameplay from the traditional GTA V game. In our experience, we enjoyed the added content that boosted our creative gameplay style. So, if you are a creative gamer, go for this awesome tool!

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