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Publisher: WinAbility Software Corp.

Folder Guard For Windows is a strong computer security program by which you’ll be able to control access to the files/folders & other window resources. You can stop the other users to get access to your records by locking your personal files/folders with a password with this Folder Guard application.


Protect Your Data From Modifications

Some computer viruses or users can destroy your important documents intentionally or unknowingly. So if you have this software then you can make your choice to prevent their modification until you wish to.

Disable Control Panel

With this Folder Guard app, you’ll be able to restrict other’s access to the control panel as well as various configuration tools of windows when you wish others not to mess up with your system.

Secure Folders With Passwords

You can use this program to secure your private or important documents with passwords in order to prevent other’s access to these. Then only you’ll be able to open the files & documents with your password.

Support Easy Recovery In Emergency

If you forget the password that you used to lock your files or have any difficulties then you can use the app named “Emergency Recovery Utility” to recover your folder. Folder Guard will support this app to recover your documents.

Operate In Stealth Mode

This software can be set up to operate in the Stealth Mode for hiding its own documents from being viewed by others.

Hide Files & Folders

You can hide your files and folders so that they could be visible only in the windows application, office, and MS-DOS programs.

Control Access to External Drives

If you don’t want others copying your important documents from USB drives then this Folder Guard application can help you to stop that.

Is Folder Guard For Windows Safe?

Yes, Folder Guard is the most secure software. It has security mode (stealth mode & safe mode)for the security of folders and windows. So you can use this app without any hesitation.

Pros & Cons of Folder Guard For Windows



In conclusion, it should be said that, if you are looking for a friendly tool for protecting your documents then folder guard will be the best application for you.

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