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Folder Password Lock Pro


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Folder Password Lock Pro

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Windows XP

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Sometimes, in regard to any information in the offline folders, you need an additional level of privacy. One example may be if you share with someone else your computer. The Folder Password Lock Pro is an excellent way to improve data security while maintaining fast password access. The interface is very easy to use and your details can be kept from prying eyes.

In addition to providing basic password protection, other functionality features are worth mentioning. For instance, folders on an external hard drive can be secured as easily. A password can be used for everywhere and you can monitor the activity in a certain folder by adding it to your handy.

You can know whether any data have been moved or deleted automatically by a warning. The download is only 6.15 megabytes so that normally an operating system does not have memory problems. It takes a matter of minutes to install and once the folder has completed it, it can immediately activate Password Lock Pro.

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