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Foobar2000 1.6.4

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Foobar2000 1.6.4
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4.48 MB
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Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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27, March 2021

Audio players typically have a complex gui with graphical switches, lamps and other kinds of eye candy. But the law still comes with an exception; it is foobar2000 in this instance.

foobar2000 is just the reverse of the music player you would imagine. It has the most plain, minimalist gui in this style of software you would ever see. But don’t get me wrong, because you won’t get cool features.

To start, foobar2000 is exceptionally fast – my vast music library hasn’t taken half a minute to index – and is incredibly easy to use. You just won’t know that it works. You don’t really want to open a software window, since foobar2000 can be managed with adjustable keyboard hotkeys (or media keys, if your keyboard has them).

Like I said, foobar2000 conceals a series of fascinating features. It is a full Unicode, provides advanced tagging capabilities and also allows you to rip AV CDs and to convert file from one format to another if you instal the appropriate Plugins. This list is available in a total of 12 formats (with additional components readily available).

Overall, foobar2000 will never win a design competition, but it’s certainly one of the lightest, quickest and most practical audio players you’re going to find. You should still, however, pursue other alternatives like AIMP or Winamp if you are still not persuaded.

IETF Opus codec support has been added. Enhanced enforcement with ReplayGain opus file tagging (beta 2). Stronger ID3v2.3 TDAT frames handling (beta 2). Converter support for Opus encoding added (external opusenc.exe binary is required) (beta 3). Fixed an impasse by reading bizarre / tainted zip files (final). Fixed a rare deadlock in connection with latest update tags in the file. Rare impasse in the start/stop replay has been fixed.

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