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Publisher: Free Time

Format Factory is a versatile audio-video and multimedia converter for personal or commercial users. The application uses efficient functions to convert any videos to other formats. It also acts as an audio converter flawlessly.

This multimedia tool offers cool features for every user. From media conversion to file extension replacement, this app can handle many things at once. File compression has never been easier with this all-in-one converter.

Format Factory enables users to enjoy a seamless converting experience. Video, audio, images, and more multimedia support lets the users be more creative. The users will find no room for complaints.

After installing the software, every user can customize their favorite videos however they want. Tons of video format and language support is definitely a bonus to have. The application does not compromise anything in terms of video or audio quality.

Interface of Format Factory

Dependable Converter

From media files to PDF, convert a wide variety of files with this one app. It supports popular video formats such as 3gp, mp4, Mkv, MPEG, AVI, etc. For audio conversion, it covers mp3, WMA, WAV, ACC, and some others. Also, convert your PDF to HTML, DOC, or JPEG.

Compress & Reduce

The built-in compressor maximizes your storage space efficiently. It reduces the total size of a file and makes it more compact. So, you can save and store your multimedia or important files more comfortably.

Images & Documents

Format Factory Black Theme

The application can also convert many images and document formats for users. Just go through the pictures or documents section to find your preferred format. It also supports multiple skins that users can customize.

Multiple Language Support

The app lets the users choose their mother tongue from 70 different languages. It selects the default language of your Windows device, but you can change that from the Language option. So, enjoy the awesome features in your preferred language.

Download & Enjoy

You can download any media clip from many trusted sites within this application. It provides online download options for anyone looking for their files on the web. The simple URL paste & download function makes it more seamless.

Repair & Recover

Broken media files are often found in many computers. It is annoying to recover those files. Use the repair feature from Format Factory to quickly fix your broken files and recover your crucial data. 



FAQs About Format Factory

What happened to Format Factory?

Apart from criticism about FFmpeg license violations, nothing happened to this resourceful converter.

How do I format a factory?

You can easily format your videos to other formats by adding your files and selecting your preferred format.

What is the Format Factory application?

Format Factory is a free-to-use multimedia converter for video, audio, or image conversion.

What is Format Factory PC?

Format Factory PC is the computer version that supports Windows operating systems.


This multimedia converter not only transforms your videos or audio but also offers many additional features. It performs excellently in many Windows setups. So, download it from here and convert your files seamlessly.

Our Usage

Sometimes when we take screenshots of software, it exports as a png format which is not supported on our website. So, we needed to convert it into jpg format. In this case, Format Factory really helped us a lot in converting all of our images in a single click. So we really recommend you use this software in order to convert your images without sacrificing the image quality.

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