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Recently, Chess has emerged as the modern-day analytical sport to get engrossed in due to its popularity among streamers. However, there are still a few people who never got to know or tried their hands at the black-and-white board of chess.

For those players, FPS Chess can be the most exciting thing ever because it combines action and chess together like never seen before. FPS Chess is an action-strategy game where you are not playing traditional chess rather you’re playing do-or-die chess with weapons and abilities!

FPS Chess totally redefines how chess is played so even if you’re new to the scene, you will find your way in!

Features of FPS Chess

Unlike a classical chess game, FPS Chess hosts tons of unique features that you won’t find in any other chess board. So, let’s indulge in the myriads of FPS Chess-

Fluid Game Design

The game mechanics of FPS Chess is unique, to say the least. You can compete with others in the traditional setup or you can fight your way through by using your weapons. Obviously, you need to strategize and find the weakness of your opponent to win. But you will also need to find enjoyment while playing.

Otherwise, the seamless interface and the sniper trick shots are completely wasted!

Fun Tools & Abilities

From snipers to wings, you will be amazed at how it enhances your regular feel of the chess game in FPS Chess. DigiPen Institute of Technology made this game as a student project but after players found it fun, they released the game on different platforms to enjoy!

Multiple Game Modes

You can test out your gun firing or strategizing abilities in the custom fun room or you can directly compete with others in the multiplayer mode. Or you can invite your friend and get into the LAN action. The choice is completely yours and you can define how the game is played.

System Requirement for FPS Chess

While FPS Chess does not require any high-end components on Windows PCs, it’s better to know the basic requirements for better support. Here are the hardware specs you need to play FPS Chess-

Minimum System Requirement

Recommended System Requirement

How to Download & Install FPS Chess?

Here are the instructions to download and install FPS Chess on your Windows PC-

Step 1: First, go to the Nearfile website and type FPS Chess in the search box.

Step 2: Once the download page is done loading, click on the download button. It may take some time as the file size is moderately big.

Step 3: Go to the file location and double-click on the installer. It might ask for your administrative permission.

Step 4: Agree to the license agreement and click next.

Installation process 1

Step 5: Select the install location and press next.

Installation process 2

Step 6: Create the start menu folder where you want and click next.

Installation process 3

Step 7: Select whether you want to create a desktop shortcut or not and proceed.

Installation process 4

Step 8: Hit the install button and wait for your installation to finish.

Installation process 5
Installation process 6

Step 9: Once the installation is finished, you are now free to enjoy the game.

Installation process 7

Pros of FPS Chess

Cons of FPS Chess


Is FPS Chess only on PC?

Yes, for now, FPS Chess is only available on Windows PCs. There is no update on whether the game will be developed for other platforms.

How big is FPS Chess?

You will need at least 1 GB of free storage space on your PC to play the game.

Is FPS Chess Free to Play?

Yes, FPS Chess is always free to download and play. You can choose to play the game directly from the Steam library or download the game on your PC.


So, what are your final thoughts about FPS Chess? Surely, you are more intrigued to play this version of chess even if you did not like it before. The game is free for everyone and open to enjoy for all.

Just download the latest version of FPS Chess now and learn how to dominate your opponents!

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