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Free Data Recovery 5.8

Publisher: ThunderSoft (Free)

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We all know it can be difficult and time consuming to lose important records. Why not take the guesswork with this free data recovery programme from the equation? Capable of operating with notebook computers, missing or disabled data on cell phones and portable hard drives will typically be found within minutes (or less). The method is fast and comprehensive if you have missed pictures of financial documents or major recordings.

A variety of tasks can be done by this free data recovery programme. It will restore partitions broken or compromised. Various formats are supported and you can find and recover even missing partitions. Another fascinating aspect is that the contents of an empty recycling bin will be found until they are forever erased. The whole programme package with a total capacity of 3.47 megabytes can be mounted with only restricted memory specified operating systems. A step-by-step wizard can lead you through the setup process and you can start searching for missing or corrupted data automatically after it is over.


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Full Specifications of Free Data Recovery

Free Data Recovery 5.8
File Name:
File Size:
3.31 MB
Operating System:
Windows 8
Date Published
Date Modified:
02, March 2021
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