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GameSave Manager 3.1.476.0

By: InsaneMatt (Freeware)

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No dependances
GameSave Manager needn’t bother with things like .NET Framework introduced to run.
Attractive yet simple to utilize GUI
The GUI (Graphical User Interface) was planned around route and convenience. On head of that, it glances very pretty.
Built-in Update Checker
Completely discretionary: Check for Program (and Database) refreshes upon Program Startup.
Regular Database Updates
The “Authoritatively Supported Games” information base is everlastingly developing; in this way, it’s continually being updated.
This data set depends on the network’s feedback.
FTP Support
Automatically transfer your reinforcements to your own private FTP Server upon their creation.
7-Zip Support
Enable 7-Zip uphold for hypothetically shorter reinforcement times.
Backup Validation
Checks if the predetermined Backup Archive can be reestablished without issue by running tests and reserving each game save.
This highlight runs as a matter of course upon a Backup Archive being created.
DropBox Support
Automatically reinforcement your game recoveries to your “DropBox Sync Directory,” permitting you to store your reinforcements easily in your DropBox Account.
Sync & Link
Move your game recoveries to your “DropBox Sync Directory” while making NTFS Junctions in their unique spot, taking into consideration valid “on-the-cloud” game saves.
Haven’t got DropBox? At that point move your game recoveries to one index on your framework for simpler access.
Scheduled Tasks
Setup robotized reinforcements to run at whatever day/time you wish.
Custom Gamesave Entries
Got a game that is not upheld? Just include them yourself through “Custom Gamesave Entries.”
Steam Spreader
Got a SSD? Running out of space on your Steam Partition?
Use “Steam Spreader” to move whole Steam-bought games onto different parcels and drives (on a for every game premise) while making NTFS Junctions to their new areas, permitting you to get the maximum out of your SSD with your most loved game(s).
Dynamic Restoring
GameSave Manager powerfully identifies reestablish ways, permitting you to reestablish game saves money on your PC regardless of whether you’ve introduced the games in an alternate registry/drive than before.
Transfer gamesaves
Quickly and effectively share game recoveries with companions and family.
Highly Customisable
Loads of Program Settings you can modify, permitting you to arrange GameSave Manager to your own particular needs.
Seperate Archives
Optionally make separate Backup Archives for each game spare selected.
Backup upon change
Only make another reinforcement when/if the game spare has been adjusted since the last reinforcement (just works with “Make separate archives”).

GameSave Manager
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