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Publisher: International GeoGebra Institut

For those who research or deal with the arithmes, geometry, algesbra and calculus, GeoGebre is a complex mathematical application.

The programme is a complicated one, but the advantage of GeoGebra over equivalent apps is that it offers numerous representations of objects which are all interconnected in the dynamics. The idea is to interactively link geometric, algebraic and numerical images. The points, vectors, arcs, and conic sections can be used.

GeoGebra enables you to enter equations and co-ordinates directly to modify them, helps you to draw functions, deal with sliders to examine their parameters, locate symbolic derivatives and use strong root and sequence orders.

For those modern mathematical apps, the sophistication of the software is attractive. It is very difficult to learn how to use from scratch, but some very comprehensive teaching materials are available to support you.

GeoGebra is not a mathematical curriculum for the weak heart, but it is very versatile if you are regularly dealing with arithmetics, geometry, algebra and calculus.

In the new version of GeoGebra there are Freehand Function tangents (without “Gray-scale” and “Omission Green Channel”), a 3D view option “Use Lighting,” and a three-dimensional view button “Show All Items.”


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