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Publisher: Tylemagne

Play games on Gopher Gopher360 in your own time and at your own pace. because it is a type of software that enables console-like gaming play on your PC. Most games and other sorts of programs may be used with it. Because it is portable and compact in size, it is more in demand than other applications. It also offers a free service.


Control Computer Easily During Games

With the use of a simple setup tool and the Gopher360 program, you can simply operate your computer without exerting any effort. The software has to be run as an administrator since a command-line interface is utilized rather than the typical graphical user interface.

Keyboard or Mouse Problems Solution

Rather than using a standard keyboard and mouse arrangement, the Gopher360 enables users to manage their computers using a gamepad or joystick. Additionally, you can easily convert your Xbox 360, Xbox One, or even DualShock controller into a mouse and keyboard by using Gopher360 if you want to experience keyboard sensation.

Use any Controller

PC gamers will be aware that not all controller types, particularly older controllers, are supported by Windows. In such a case, you may use Gopher360 to your advantage so that you can play with any type of controller in Windows.

Solve Gamepad Issue

Different games do not support a gamepad if Windows only supports one device. But for PC gamers, the gamepad is crucial. You may utilize the gamepad in any window when using Gopher 360.

Provides Visual Guide

You will be given a visual reference by Gopher for the parts of the controller’s component mapping. Consequently, mapping any controller feature from either the mouse or keyboard side will be simple.

System Requirements for Gopher360

Gopher is incredibly great at being a standalone program, but with one major exception: it absolutely needs Visual C++ 2015 Runtimes to be installed. If you have run Windows Updates at least once in the lifetime of your computer, this really won’t be an issue.



FAQ’s on Gopher360

How do I install gopher 360?

Go to Google after making sure your internet connection is working. Go to the Releases page for Gopher360 and then search GitHub. You may get the most recent Gopher 360 version from this location.

How do I use Gopher 360?

Despite how simple it is, the steps are outlined here. the Gamepad must first be connected to your PC. Run the Gopher360.exe program now with administrator rights by selecting ‘Run as Administrator’ from the context menu when you right-click the Gopher360 application. then pause for a short while. I’m done now.

Can I use my controller as a mouse?

Your controller may indeed be used as a mouse. This opportunity will be handled by Gopher 360 for you. But in order to achieve this, you must turn on your Xbox and connect it to your PC.

How do I turn my game controller into a mouse?

Open the main Steam window, then select Settings – Controller – General Controller Settings to begin. You may now maneuver your mouse using the right stick on your controller by checking the appropriate box for your controller type: PlayStation, Xbox, Switch Pro, or Generic.

How can I use the joystick on the laptop?

It’s incredibly easy to use a joystick with a laptop. Just take a few easy steps. First, hit the Windows key and then enter ‘game controller.’ Click the option to set up USB gaming controllers now. Click the joystick’s name to continue. Click the Properties button after that. I’ve said enough.

Should I download it?

It would be appropriate for you if you enjoy playing PC games. It is quite well-known among all PC players. They prefer it the most, which is understandable considering how little room it requires and how well it provides service. This program makes it incredibly easy for PC gamers to manage their games. They have no problems with the controller. Therefore, you should download this program immediately if you want to receive all of these benefits.

Our Verdict

I myself enjoy playing PC games, and I utilize Gopher 360 to prevent certain issues. It continues to assist me in the same manner. In reality, I’ve used several programs like Gopher 360, but Gopher’s service never fails to please me. I’ve never been let down by it. So, I heartily endorse it.

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