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HP Connection Manager Download

Publisher: Hewlett Packard

HP Connection Manager is a tool for connecting wireless devices including Bluetooth and GPS technologies to your PC.

Previously, It was known as HP Wireless Assistant application with some problems. But now it has overcome all the user problems as well as introduced itself with a new name and new look. This software works just as a Bloatware which is already pre-installed in HP computers and laptops.

Purpose of HP Connection Manager

If bloatware similar to HP Connection Manager is already pre-installed on my device then why should I need it? The answer is it is an alternative tool to the bloatware which is already on your PC.

The main difference between these two is HP Connection Manager is way faster than the built-in software. Also, it is easy to manage connections.

This tool allows you independently Switch your connection like Bluetooth and other wireless devices. But it may not be enough for running another application in the background.

Should I have HP Connection Manager?

The main purpose of this tool is just to connect your Windows device with a wireless device including Bluetooth and GPS technologies. There is another application like this on your PC which is built-in software. The only difference between these is built-in software is a little bit slower whereas HP Connection Manager secures the faster connection with easy management. So, it totally depends on you whether you want this for a faster connection or just want to be happy with your built-in software.

Some Pros of HP Connection Manager

Cons of HP Connection Manager

System Requirements of HP Connection Manager

Some FAQs of HP Connection Manager

Is HP Connection Manager Free?

Yes, it is totally free for all users. You can download it free from any secure Website and use it on your PC

Is it worth downloading?

It is an alternative to built-in bloatware for PC. Though the built-in application is slower than HP Connection Manager. You can download it for faster connectivity.


HP Connection Manager is a good application for faster wireless connection to HP computers and laptops. It will make you happy with fast connectivity and easy management.

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