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IM+ 0.7

Publisher: SHAPE Services (Free)

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IM+ is a chat customer that has all the resources you prefer in a single app.

It can be hard to keep with both of them if you have friends with whom you talk through various services. For all your chat applications, IM+ uses common sites like Facebook, Google and AIM to reach your accounts.

The IM+ gui is a little straightforward, but it does the job. However, they believe that the creators have been able to take a look at the waste of space and the chat interface so that it looks and sounds less stretched. In IM+, there are still not many adjustment choices that can be great and evil. IM+ is fine, but it is poor that no personalizations are available.


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Full Specifications of IM+

IM+ 0.7
File Name:
File Size:
Operating System:
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
Date Modified:
06, March 2021
Instant Messaging

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