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NetLimiter 4.0.68

By: LockTime Software (Freeware)

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NetLimiter is a web traffic control and checking device.

You can utilize NetLimiter to set download/transfer move rate limits for applications or even single association and screen their web traffic.

There are three accessible forms of NetLimiter – Pro, Lite, and Freeware Monitor.

NetLimiter Features:

  • System Monitor: NetLimiter shows a rundown of all applications imparting over the system including associations, move rates and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Transmission capacity Limiter/Bandwidth Shaper: You can utilize NetLimiter to set download or transfer move rate limits for applications, associations or gatherings of them. With limits, you can without much of a stretch deal with your web association’s transmission capacity (transfer speed shaper or data transmission controller)
  • Measurable instrument: This component lets you track your web traffic history since you’ve introduced NetLimiter 2.
  • Extra system data: NetLimiter gives you and extra data like WHOIS, traceroute, and so forth.
  • And that’s only the tip of the iceberg: Rule Scheduler, Remote Administration, Connection blocker, Running as WinNT administration, User rights, Chart, Advanced Rule editorial manager and scheduler, Zone based traffic the executives.
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