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IObit Start Menu 8 Download

Publisher: IObit

IObit Start menu 8 is a kind of PC management utility for Windows users which was actually designed for getting back the similar classic start menu to the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 & also Windows 10. It is actually created for Windows 8.


Add programs to start menu

With this tool, users would be able to easily add programs to the start menu by dragging & use dropping the programs to the start option directly.

Various Options

Users may get several options when they open a program in the start menu. Such as running as administrator, finding the file location, pinning to the taskbar & many others.

Create new group

With this option, users can be able to manage their start menu as they prefer by creating multiple groups & including items in them.

Right Click menu

Clicking right on the start option will open users fast access for these options: Settings, Open Windows explorer, switch to modern UI, check for updates, ……… & Exit.

Auto Shutdown

With this IObit utility, users will be capable of shutting down their PC at a specific time which will be scheduled automatically. They just need to set a time to shut the PC down & it will be shut down by itself.

What’s New

System Requirements for IObit Start Menu 8



FAQ’s about IObit Start Menu 8

How do I find my IObit Start Menu 8?

To get the IObit Start Menu 8 users to have to go to the center or left end of the taskbar u0026amp; then they need to select the start icon.

How to open the IObit Start Menu 8?

To open the start menu, you should move the mouse pointer over the start option. Users can normally open it by clicking the left mouse button. If users hover the mouse pointer then they might see an option named u0022startu0022.

Why does the IObit Start Menu 8 not work?

If the IObit Start Menu 8 of your PC is not working, then you might use the Windows key+I to open the settings. You should justify everything clearly u0026amp; install all the complicated Windows updates.

Our Take on it

As we have used it, we can say this utility is great to work with. It won’t give the users any kind of hassle & with this utility it will be easier for the users to get any programs or documents quicker. It is totally free & reliable to use as well.

Should I download it?

Well, if you are a Windows 8 user then I would like to suggest you download this program without any hesitation. It will make your work easy & won’t cause any difficulty normally. So, you can download this software on your PC to get a better experience.

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