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Publisher: IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is one of the most popular apps from IObit that can help you uninstall difficult-to-uninstall programs from your Windows PC. It can do many more things that can help you in other ways.



When you install the main program, some other programs may be installed without your notice.IObit Uninstaller can monitor program installation in real time & notify you when the bundleware installed.

Install monitor

Install monitor keeps a watch and logs your system changes during any new program installation. You will be allowed to see what changes the program made to your system during installation.

Software updater

Software updater will help you to get your necessary programs up to date easily & efficiently. The pro users can Update All outdated programs with just one click.

Toolbars & plug-ins

The users can retrieve a list of all the plug-ins installed on every browser that they use on their systems including Chrome, Firefox, Edge & IE. They can select each individual browser & see what plug-ins are installed on them and remove them if needed.

Easy uninstall

This easy-uninstall tool provides the most simplistic way of removing programs on your PC by dragging the Easy Uninstall icon to the program’s opened window, desktop icon, or system tray icon.

Force uninstall

The ‘Force uninstall’ feature is for some stubborn types of programs that can’t be uninstalled in a routine way. It also makes sure that it removes everything related to the program from your system.

File Shredder

With the File Shredder option on IObit Uninstaller, you will be sure that all the shredded data is not recoverable & you can get them back. You’ve to drag & drop a file in the file shredder to dispose of a file without a trace permanently.

Action center

This feature will recommend to you some well-known IObit software from IObit partners. You can install them to get better security protection & system performance.

Windows Updates

You can uninstall the unwanted Windows Updates to free up more space.

Uninstall History

With this feature, you can get a complete summary of all the programs deleted & the total amount of space recovered on your hard drive from day one to date.

Is IObit Uninstaller for windows safe?

Yes, IObit Uninstaller is a safe & legitimate program that you can rely on to remove malware, unwanted browser plug-ins from your PC to keep it clean & make it fast.

Pros & Cons of IObit Uninstaller for Windows



If you are looking for a simple, modern & user-friendly uninstaller then you should go for the IObit uninstaller pro.

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