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KMPlayer download for your PC

KMPlayer download for your PC

KMPlayer 64x Download

Publisher: KMPMedia

KMPlayer 64x is a full-fledged multimedia player which can play 4K and 60FPS videos without any problem. Above all, it’s an ad-free video player for your information. So, you can relax and enjoy your movies without facing any issues.

Simple and easy to use Interface


Codecs for All Types of Video

KMPlayer 64x can play almost all types of videos. Including 4K, 60FPS, even 8K, and HEVC video without any problem. Because of its capability to play high-res videos, it is becoming popular day by day.


You can customize the audio channel, frame size, and pin-up to the top with this multimedia player. With the equalizer, you can also have enough power over the audio output and rearrange it to your comfort with KMPlayer 64x.

URL play

You can directly play various videos from YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram with KMPlayer 64x. Of course, it will depend on your internet speed and configuration. You can even download the videos too.

Download videos directly from online

Subtitle support

You can play videos with embedded subtitles directly with this player. Even for separate subtitles, you can merge and play with KMPlayer 64x.

Language Support

The KMPlayer 64x is the perfect player with supported languages in 42 countries. This is a marvelous addition to this multimedia player.

System Requirements

Your PC should have the following minimum requirements for the KMPlayer 64x multimedia player:


Take screenshots of current footage of video


Which KMPlayer 64x version is best?

Right now, KMPlayer 64x updated version is the best KMPlayer for your PC. It can run 4K, 8K, 60FPS, and all the latest quality video formats without downloading an extra codec for your PC.

How good is KMPlayer 64x?

KMPlayer 64x is a very good player with all the codecs you may need to run any kinds of videos on your PC. The player is reviewed as one of the top alternatives to any multimedia player available right now.

Does KMPlayer support WEBM?

Yes, KMplayer supports WEBM files. You can open WEBM files with this multimedia player besides any browser you have on your PC. KMPlayer comes in handy when it comes to playing WEBM files.

Is KMPlayer available for Mac?

Yes, you can download KMPlayer for Mac and run it on your Mac PC. It has the capability to run WMV, mp3, WAV, and many other file formats on Mac PC for your comfort and ease.


Altogether, KMPlayer 64x is one of the best multimedia players available in the market. You can give it a try and find out if you feel comfortable with it.

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