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KMPlayer (32 Bit) Download

Publisher: KMPMedia

KMPlayer is a media player by which we can watch videos or movies. It is free software that can be installed on Windows PC.

High Quality

With this player, users can play their video formats in high resolution. The 3D, 4K, UHD pictures will be shown vividly.

KMPlayer Simple and easy to use Interface


This program has support for the subtitles. Users can watch any video or movie with subtitles.

No Advertisement

With the new version of this program, users won’t be shown any advertisements. They can watch whatever they want at ease.

Editing Option

This software gives the option to edit images & videos as well. Users can fix the brightness, contrast, vibrant & also increase or decrease the video speed with this program.

Video Capturing

It has also the option to capture a screenshot from a video and also they can screen record a video if they wish.

Support various formats

This program supports various types of file formats such as MP3, MP4, RTS, MKV, MPEG1 &, etc.

KMPlayer Download videos directly from online

Requirements for KMPlayer (32 Bit)



FAQ’s on KMPlayer (32 Bit)

Is KMPlayer free for PC?

Yes, this software is completely free for PC. You could have this program on any of your Windows devices.

Is KMPlayer a virus?

No, It is not a virus. Actually, this program is a totally virus and malware-free secure program. It was checked by many popular virus checkers and reported ultimately secure.

Is KMPlayer free to download?

Yeah, this app is free to download. It doesn’t cost any charge.

Can we edit the video in KMPlayer?

This software has an option named ‘Edit Menu’ by which we can easily edit any type of video in this app.

What is KMPlayer EXE?

KMPlayer.exe is an executable file that is a part of KMPlayer. It might be dangerous for your Windows. KMPlayer is for connecting to the network, monitoring apps, recording keyboards, and mouse inputs, and manipulating other software.

Is KMPlayer available on the Microsoft store?

As we know, this app is well-suited with Windows, it is available in the Microsoft store.

How can I increase my KMPlayer speed?

The necessary steps are given below, First, right press on any positive on the interface of utility. Then, a box of great options will be shown. Move the mouse to playback. Then, in the playbox, you will be permitted by the producers to fix the speed of the video. To increase it (shortcut Shift+ NUM +)

How do I make a GIF with KMPlayer?

At first, we have to take a screenshot of the video which we like to make a GIF. Right press then opens and choose whatever video you wish to GIF. Then, Right press the Options then advanced menu and be sure that it has been checked. Right press then captures then frame extract.The GIF will be created.

How do I merge videos in KMPlayer?

First, add files to your list. Then select some videos you wish to merge. It is better to select the same format of videos.

Our Uses

From our point of view, this software is one of the finest multimedia systems in the present world. It is free and it has some great features such as adding subtitles, editing Options, viewing videos in high quality &, etc. There are no such big disadvantages of this software. It is safe & secure. The user interface of this program is simple. So you can download this software on your device without any doubt.

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