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Letasoft Sound Booster

Publisher: Letasoft

Letasoft sound booster is used to raise volume above maximum so that the user can actually hear what’s being played. It works with every program like web browsers, on-line communication software, all kind of media players and games that can play sound in computers and boosts sound in real-time.


The users can use letasoft sound booster as an extra amplifier when the volume of the program they are listening is not enough for comfortable listening then they can increase the sound up to 500% .The users can also use it as an alternative means for raising the volume in their favored media player.


To use Letasoft Sound Booster there is no need any plug-in ,it works on it’s own. You can boost the sound of any program that can play sounds in computer running windows to a comfortable with Letasoft Sound booster.




Letasoft Sound Booster requires no manual tweaking, no extra loading, downloading or launching time and no additional setup. Once you install it, it just puts an icon in the windows taskbar system tray.

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