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Publisher: The Document Foundation

LibreOffice is a powerful office suite
It was created on the basis of the PC Document Foundation. It is a tool made by multiple programs. It was first published in 2011. It has several features. Let’s discuss these.

Free office suite

With LibreOffice, you will get free office work tools. For example, a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a slideshow creator, just to name a few. All these benefits you will get freely.

LibreOffice Start your office work

Clear Interface

LibreOffice contains a clear interface. It is helpful for you. Why not? For this reason, you can express your creativity more and more. Not only that you can increase your productivity too.

Data processing

One of the features of LibreOffice is that it processes your data perfectly. There is a database link in the database where all data records are stored.

A Portable Tool

LibreOffice has a launcher. It acts in such a way that you can easily open any of the apps. Allows you to quickly open the apps you just used for reuse. And this software is shareable. So, you can easily transfer this software from one computer to another.

Connect with your colleagues

When working with LibreOffice you can easily communicate with your coworkers. It supports features like chats with coworkers, screen sharing, audio video, etc. Even after you close the application, you can continue the conversation with the team on your desktop or phone.

Search your file easily

Already I’ve talked about the launcher of Libreoffice. Another benefit of this launcher is this keeps your files nicely stored. So you can easily find the file you need whenever you want.

Supports any file format

LibreOffice supports various kinds of file formats like complex .docx and .xlsx documents and their formats. So there is no possibility of any problem with the file format.



FAQ’s on LibreOffice

How much space does LibreOffice take?

Well, this is a very common query that how much space Libreoffice takes. So the answer is it takes 300MB of space of your device. If you want to install it on another drive, that drive must be 70 MB in size by the time the installation process is completed. So it would be normal for the system drive to have an installer size of just over 70 MB.

Is LibreOffice cloud-based?

Yes, LibreOffice is cloud-based. So that users can access it here by using web browsing. It acts like a kinda desktop app. So that all the documents can be seen differently. 

Can I use LibreOffice in my business?

Yes, you can use LibreOffice in the case of your business. Many people use this tool for their business interests. You can use it on any computer. It can be your personal home computer or official computer. So I think it is clearly answered that it can be used for business.

Can LibreOffice edit PDF?

The answer is yes you can use LibreOffice for editing PDF. For doing this you have to go draw option first. After reaching the draw file menu you have to select the draw option and edit your PDF file very easily.

Our Uses

As LibreOffice offers a lot of features so it makes many kinds of tasks easier. It has lots of applications. Like a word processor, spreadsheet, drawing tool, etc. It is kinda similar to Microsoft office but the point is here that it offers many features without cost which doesn’t Microsoft office. I recommend it for getting lots of benefits and personally use it for my interest of the business.

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