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Publisher: Skillbrains

Lightshot is a screenshot program. With this software, you’ll be able to save any image on your device with just a push of a button. This software will give you the fastest way to take a customizable screenshot.


Easy Screen Capture

With this tool, you can capture the screen very easily. Even for beginners, this tool is very easy to use. You just need to press the print scan button on your keyboard. A dark overlay will be shown over the current screen. Then click and drag your mouse to select the area you wanna be captured.

Editing Option

This software has a built-in editor with some basic editing options such as changing colors, adding text & so on. You’ll be allowed to edit the screenshots just after the selected area to be captured.

Available for the Browsers

This program is also available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera mini, Internet Explorer and etc.

Similar Image Search

You can search for similar images with this software. This option is a unique option that you won’t be able to find in other screen capture software.

Share Screenshots Via the Internet

You can share your screenshots with your family or friends with this software very quickly and easily. You don’t need to depend on other applications to share the screenshot.

Is Lightshot Safe?

Technically Lightshot is totally a safe and secure application. It is a platform for sharing images and capturing customizable screenshots.

Pros and Cons of Lightshot



In the conclusion, I must say that if you are looking for basic screenshot software without any advanced operation and functions Lightshot will be the best for you. It is an efficient, lightweight, and very easy-to-use program for even a pro person.
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