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By: eM Client (Freeware)

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eM Client handles multiple e-mail accounts well, but its free version is limited by how many accounts it can support. Although it makes it with lots of style, relatively easy setup and great features. Switching from your current email client to an eM Client may not be easy, since you can import all your data directly into Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, BAT or Windows Mail, or you can get started in minutes. You can also easily export all your data in many available formats or create and restore backups. This program behaves like a normal email manager like Outlook or Thunderbird. In addition to letting you manage multiple e-mail accounts, the eM Client will organize your calendar, meetings, contacts and more for you so you don’t have to worry about it. You can get the right to work with your client by entering your email and slowly allowing it to put all the information you need into it. It has a widget for most popular e-mail providers and even lets you import from other clients such as Outlook. This usually works without interruption, but if you have two-step verification for the account you are trying to set up, this can give you some difficulty. If you use the free version, the program only accepts two accounts, so if you want an unlimited account, you need to upgrade to Pro. Either way, the program sports a visual layout that supports color-coding and multiple themes. There’s even a built-in chat that supports ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo and other popular IM clients.

eM Client
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