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Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance Download

Publisher: Midway

In the famous series of Mortal Kombat games, featuring eternal combat between good and evil, this is the 5th action game in the series. The game features many new characters than old versions and some new plots are revealed too.

The Mortal Kombat series is best known for its brutality in animation. Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance is released by Midway.

Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance

Release Date

The game was first released in 2002, in the month of November. It was released for Xbox, PlayStation 2, Game Boy, and Game Cube besides personal computers.


The plot of Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance

The game featured the rivalry between two powerful sorcerers Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. They plan to revive a full army and control them until they get total control of the Outworld. For novices, the outworld is a realm created in Mortal Combat which is different from the human realm. There is also another world featured in the game, it’s called netherrealm.


Mortal Kombat V features the tagline – A Fight So Brutal – So Evil – So Deadly

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance DVD

Some new characters in Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance

Differences between the new characters

Among the new characters featured in Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance, Bo’ Rai Cho is the drunken master for Liu Kang and Kung Lao who, along with Kenshi, a blind warrior with samurai swords, are two of the most popular characters of Mortal Kombat series till this day.

On the other hand, Drahmin is a new netherrealm warrior who practices self-control. He and Moloch, a netherrealm demon are two new characters from netherrealm featured in this series.

Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance Gameplay

The Mortal Kombat V Deadly Alliance is far more improved than the previous versions of the game. This game of the series totally turned the tide of gamers towards itself. From animation to stances, fighting styles, it has brought new light upon the characters.

Running was eliminated totally from this game which was present in the previous series. Every character has three stances. Two of them are martial art combos and the other is with weapons. Besides a new feature called the “Power Up” feature is introduced, with which you can have secondary fighting styles for your characters.

Mortal Kombat Characters

Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance PC System Requirements

Following is a list of minimum requirements you need to play the game on your PC:


Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance Krypt

The concept of a Mortal Kombat Currency – “Krypt” was first introduced in this game. The game currency can be used to unlock new features and characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance?

The game’s main storyline is around 16 hours long. If you want to complete all stages and all characters along with extras, it may take around 30 hours to complete.

How Much is the Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance?

The game is available online from $10.00 – $12.00 for PC. If you are looking for a PlayStation version, the full package starts at $16.00. And with extra, the total version may be around $90.

Is Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Backward Compatible?

No, the game is not backward compatible. Even not in the updated versions.


Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance actually revived the whole Mortal Kombat Universe which was dying because of unnecessary abridged projects. You can have fun playing the game if you want to explore the genre of fighting and have a good storyline.

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