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MoviePod 1.0

Publisher: Nullriver (Trial)

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Would you like to see movies on your iPod? You won’t be able to do this if they are not in MPEG4 or have the right resolution. A variety of video formats can be converted to render iPod ready in seconds.

Only click on your video or drag the movie to the program interface by clicking the ‘Add Film’ button in the menu bar. MoviePod converts them to MPEG4 ready for iPod automatically. To see if the standard is satisfied and save it in iTunes playlists, you will preview it.

Video formats like MOV, AVI, and WM Video are handled by MoviePod. You can choose from four different screen resolutions.


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Full Specifications of MoviePod

MoviePod 1.0
File Name:
File Size:
3.68 MB
Operating System:
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Date Published
Date Modified:
04, March 2021

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