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Mozilla Firefox Download

Publisher: Mozilla Corporation

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers out there. It has got all the necessities you require for a safe and fast browsing experience. Besides, you can use many add-ons and extensions to make it better. 

Mozilla Firefox Homepage

Mozilla Firefox for fast and reliable browsing

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers because of its smooth speed and many options for reliable browsing. With this browser, you can have fun with speed.

Free open-source browser

As a free open-source browser, Firefox requires no money or any usual purchase from you. You need not put your credit card information or payment details in the browser.

Sleek and clean Firefox design

Another reason Firefox is famous for the interesting interface it has got. It is being changed with newer versions and every updated version is better than the previous ones. 

Firefox Menubar

Streamlined toolbar and menus

Streamlined toolbar and menus in the browser give you access to all the necessary extensions and add-ons and all the bookmarks you need at hand. Pretty handy to use while you are in a rush.

A new look for tabs

New Firefox versions have a good look for the tabs. You need them to access every now and then.

Expanded privacy protections

Right now, the Privacy Protection of Mozilla Firefox internet browser is comparatively better than other browsers out there. They modify and update it regularly according to the need of the user experience.

Secure Private Browsing

Best private browsing mode than others

The private browsing mode in Mozilla Firefox can really ditch the cookies you may face while browsing. Besides, no history will be recorded so that you can keep peace in mind.

Multi-Platform Supports

Firefox is a very powerful browser for use on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, etc. You can even log in and have the same history everywhere.

Devtools Commands

Mozilla Firefox comes with a lot of Developer commands you can use the developer tools to debug and edit the software.


Mozilla Firefox is a good browser that can easily be used by anyone – 

Security Features

User Privacy

How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox

You can download Mozilla Firefox from our website. It is virus scanned and safe for you to download. You will get a setup file. Just double-click it and you will be prompted to accept the user agreement. After you agree to it the setup will be automatically completed and you can directly browse with the browser.

How to Uninstall Firefox

Creating a Firefox account 

Alternatives to Firefox

One of the closest Firefox alternatives is CometBird. The browser looks very close to Firefox and feels the same to use it.

You can also choose Google Chrome or Brave Browser. They are also user-friendly and have many extensions and addons.




Is Firefox Safe?

Firefox is a browser very popular for fast browsing and safe surfing through the internet. It has a built-in pop-up and adware blocker. It is one of the safest browsers out there.

Does Firefox have Incognito Mode?

The Incognito Mode in Firefox is called the Private Browsing. This is quite similar to the Incognito Mode in Chrome and can help you to get rid of trackers and cookies from the websites.

Can I change the default search engine in Firefox?

Yes, you can change the default search engine in Firefox. Go to the settings menu from the hamburger menu on the right corner. Find the search option with the magnifying glass. Here you can see options to change the default search engine.

Who owns Firefox?

Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation, a subsidiary of Mozilla Foundation, own Firefox. But it is an open-source browser and everyone can use it for free. The foundation is an American organization.

Does Firefox sell data to third-party advertisers?

Mozilla Corporation states that the data they collect from the users are not sold to any kind of third-party advertiser. They are a non-profit organization and the browser is totally free and open-source for the people.

What to do if Firefox keeps crashing?

Sometimes due to the browser becoming heavy, Firefox keeps crashing. Besides, malware and adware can harm the browser. If you want to get rid of it, you can update, and clear the cache and cookies. Besides, you can scan the browser for adware and malware. After that, it will become okay.

Why is Firefox still the best browser?

Firefox helps you to get rid of trackers, adware, and malware. Besides, you can surf faster with this browser. Many extensions are available which are non-available on other browsers. For these reasons, Firefox is still the best browser.

Is Firefox any better than Chrome?

The platform and working criteria of the two browsers are different. Still, Firefox has better performance when it comes to privacy and ad blocking. Whereas Chrome is very useful for many other works like SEO and development. 

Does Firefox track you like Chrome?

Firefox can collect user data but they do not sell it to third parties for marketing purposes. You can use Firefox to get better privacy while you are surfing the internet.

Our take on it

Firefox is still very popular as a fast and mostly adware-free browser. It still gives you the same feelings as it was in the beginning. Day by day the bugs have been removed and malware notifications have been updated. This is still a good browser.

Should I download it?

If you are a frequent surfer of the internet and look for unwanted ad-free surfing, you must download it. It will save you from pop-ups, trackers, cookies, and much other harmful software for your devices.


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