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ADVANCED Codecs 13.6.3

By: Shark007 (Freeware)

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Progressed Codecs is a sound and video codec bundle which contains a full set-up of codecs while the STANDARD Codecs just contains the LAV channels and VSFilter for captions. Video instructional exercise on codecs accessible.

This installer will consequently evacuate most other well known codec discharges from your PC before introducing this brief yet thorough bundle.

These kind of sound and video suites have been an issue for most clients one after another or another. Because of the reality, there has never been an ‘out of the container’ working arrangement that the normal PC client could introduce and simply have everything work appropriately from the earliest starting point. There are a few good arrangements out there, however none of them did all that I needed. I was consistently needing a change, alteration, or even a re-establishment just to get the what I required/needed and more often than not, the record despite everything didn’t play appropriately. This dissatisfaction was the reason for me to start making a codec pack that works with ALL players.

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