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bomi 0.9.11

By: Lee Byoung-young (Freeware)

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Consistently open and play films with captions or playlists that highlight a wide assortment of media documents generally useful media player that packs its

Despite the fact that it is under consistent advancement for over 25 years, Windows Media Player is as yet not equipped for taking care of all video and sound needs. Truth be told, a few pundits would even venture to such an extreme as to express that it is a somewhat constrained application.

bomi is a lightweight bit of programming intended to provide food for all mixed media playback needs and that empowers you to play a wide assortment of records from numerous sources, including streams and Blu-beam

Sports an engaging and simple to explore interface

Following a snappy and uneventful arrangement, you are invited by a jazzy and eye-getting interface, yet that is likewise smoothed out and moderate as to abstain from diverting you during playback. On the off chance that you need to upgrade the appearance considerably further, at that point you can likewise empower the inside title bar in frameless mode or change the text style and skin from the Options window.

Not exclusively would you be able to see films with captions, yet you can likewise redo them in like manner by choosing the proper content, style, position, scale, arrangement and even sync them so they are synchronous with the video. While you can likewise increment or lessening the speed of the playback, you should remember that you can exclusively do it with give or take 10%.

Accompanies instruments for upgrading your video watching experience

To the extent the usefulness goes, you will be glad to discover that the apparatus empowers you to include records with simplified and a short time later improve its sound and video abilities. In the event that they are accessible, the apparatus permits you to see titles, releases or change the gushing arrangement at whatever point important.

The video and sound highlights that can assist you with capitalizing on the recordings, you can check angle proportion, crop, zoom, turn, change the screen position and arrangement, shading space and range, quality preset, surface configuration or top notch scaling. Other significant alternatives are deinterlacing, vacillating, movement smoothing, sync, volume alteration, rhythm scale, channel format, normalizer or intensification.

A far reaching, yet available mixed media player

Taking everything into account, bomi is a smooth and snazzy video player that accompanies a few propelled highlights and apparatuses that permit you to completely appreciate a wide assortment of media records.

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