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Icecream Media Converter 1.56

By: IceCream Apps (Freeware)

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IceCream Media Converter is an easy to understand application intended to disentangle media documents and go them to various sorts or organizations. It can without much of a stretch proselyte recordings to different organizations, or to sound documents, just as download media from indicated URLs.

Individual and cluster change

The product empowers you to independently include documents for change, by tapping the Add records button. It prompts a change alternatives menu, where you can set the document type, organization and quality. At that point you may continue directly to the document change or send it to the holding up list. The product can play out the transformation for each record, separately, yet it likewise underpins group handling.

You may include the same number of documents as you wish, to the change list, at that point start the cycle and watch the advancement for every passage, just as the overall status. The product underpins the greater part of the regular configurations, for both info and yield.

Convert by gadget or by design

You may decide to change over a record to a particular arrangement, or select the kind of gadget you wish to play it on. The product can naturally distinguish the appropriate configuration, size, quality and encoding technique for every cell phone. The upheld gadgets incorporate iPods, iPhones, iPads, Samsung, BlackBerry, PS3, Nokia or Android telephones.

Melodies or sound records can undoubtedly be changed over starting with one configuration then onto the next, while motion pictures uphold transformation to both sound and video document types. Furthermore, you can enter a video URL and let the product download the document for you and spare it to the predetermined area as a video or sound record. The yield envelope can be set from the Settings menu.

Besides, you can rapidly get to the way of the last changed over document, from the application’s interface, in the holding up list.


Frozen yogurt Media Converter is an incredible and simple to utilize change device, that empowers you to adjust the organization of your records, while keeping up their video and sound quality. You can utilize it to change over documents to reasonable configurations for cell phones, or download media from URLs and spare it to your PC.

Icecream Media Converter
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