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Virtual DJ 2020 Build 5504

By: Atomix Productions (Freeware)

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VirtualDJ is a deejaying software which helps you by providing you the ability of mixing and playing digital audio and video tracks.

It is really a great for those who love DJ songs. It helps you to replace the old classic CD players with the new Digital musics. As in reality you can use multiple music tracks and mix them. Generally, Its UI has two turntables but can be expanded to 4 decks or more.

This software also has the ability to organize all your collections of tracks and group them as you want. You can also use it for your video tracks.

Virtual DJ has a great number of features. The common features from them are:

  • Standard Controls (Play, Pause, Stop, Cue )
  • Automatic BPM and KEY calculation
  • A3 Band Equalizer
  • Pitch Control
  • Real Scratch Simulation
  • Karaoke Support
  • CD to MP3 encoder
  • Compatibility with iTunes playlists
  • Recording of DJ sessions
  • You can also use it for your Video Tracks.
  • And So on.

You can also use this software in offline. You don’t need any internet connection to use it. If you are a DJ music lover and DJ music maker then this software is really great for you.

Virtual DJ
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