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DNS Jumper 2.2

By: velociraptor (Free)

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DNS Jumper is a useful device that permits clients to change DNS settings consequently, which as a rule prompts speeding up. Likewise, utilizing this instrument, clients can improve their web security by supplanting the default DNS gave by their web giving organization. Additionally, this application assists clients with arriving at sites that have been blocked and furthermore shield youngsters from improper substance by blocking sites that can mentally and actually hurt them.

So as to change the DNS settings utilizing this product, clients just need to open the DNS tab, select one of them and snap Apply DNS button. Subsequent to doing this, the PC is prepared to safely peruse web quicker.

In any case, if a client needs to reestablish the ISP Default DNS once more, it very well may be done through a basic order, by clicking Quick Configuration button, choosing Restore or Default and endorsing the activity by clicking Apply DNS‹ button as he did previously, in the underlying evolving.

DNS Jumper
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